Beta access for DC’s Infinite Crisis MOBA available through Founder’s Program


For the people not lucky enough to get an invite to the beta for Warner’s DC-lisenced MOBA Infinite Crisis through the beta registration, there’s now another way to get access although it’s the kind of way that involves laying down cold hard cash. You can purchase the Founder’s Program, available in three different flavours, each of which brings different champions and costumes as perks. The flipside of all this is that you get immediate access to the beta. 

Infinite Crisis is occupying an odd space in my brain at the moment due to the fact that, on paper, the DC universe of superheroes actually seems pretty suited to the mechanical concept of a MOBA, but at the same time every attempt to recreate the success of Dota and League of Legends has met with at best mediocre reception, mostly because both of those games benefit from sharing a developmental heritage; Dota 2 has Eul and Icefrog, and League of Legends was started by Guinsoo and other Dota luminaries.

Turbine are in charge of Infinite Crisis, and at the very least they’ve got plenty of experience with creating a wide range of abilities and skills from their time developing Lord of the Rings Online. With MOBAs being equal parts RTS and MMO, that’s at least half of the recipe right there.

We’ll be sure to have coverage of Infinite Crisis as the beta develops. In the meantime here’s a trailer: