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Beyond Good & Evil 2 is almost certainly coming to PC

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Knox

Update: The winds of change, they blow in odd directions. Beyond Good & Evil 2 creator Michel Ancel took to Instagram to talk about the supposed confirmation of platforms with a little bit of bad news.

The platform-picking section of the website is now showing a 404, and Ancel says that it was “a little buggy” and they “did not mention” platforms.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 isn’t coming out for a while, so here’s the best PC games to tide you over.

These comments were made on Instagram, where Ancel posted a screencap of the game and answered a few fan questions. This included saying that “that registering thing is a little buggy as we did not mention any consoles yet. The Ubisoft teams are going to fix this ASAP ;).”

Eurogamer are also now reporting that you get a 404 while trying to access that section of the page. While it’s unlikely that this means it won’t be coming to PC, it could put console editions in jeopardy. It also brings up the question of just how far into development the game is if they’re not willing to commit to the current generation – we may be waiting quite some time.

He also mentions how players will be able to move around in such massive worlds, saying there are landmarks to help you find your way, but secrets packed between them to discover. It all adds up to what sounds like a game extremely early in development.

Original story:Beyond Good & Evil 2 is definitely still real, after years of “Maybe?”, “No.”, and leaks. When on earth we’ll get it, we don’t know, but it looks like the sign-ups for their pseudo-beta tests have revealed what platforms the game will be coming to – and PC is on the list.

For people who want to help out with Beyond Good & Evil 2, Ubisoft have put together the Space Monkey Program. Using it, “passionate and engaged” people can be a part of the game’s development. The people over at VG247 applied for the scheme, and came up to an interesting question: what platform they’d like to help out with.

The options were Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It’s not exactly surprising, and doesn’t reveal if all three platforms will see a final release, or if they’ll release together, but it means a PC version is being worked on.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Space Monkey Signup

The page advertising the Space Monkey Program does say that they’re looking for people to get involved at the “earliest stages of development”, so the game’s still in its early stages. Hopefully, we’ll get some more information from the Space Monkeys when the program gets in full motion.