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After 36 years, one obscure PC platformer is suddenly getting a sequel

Beyond the Ice Palace 2 is a surprise Metroidvania sequel to 1988's Commodore 64 platformer Beyond the Ice Palace, and its coming this year.

Classic platformer gets a surprise sequel 36 years later: A pale blue man with red eyes, the Cursed King from Beyond the Ice Palace 2.

Since the very first Metroid and the debut entry to the Castlevania series came out in 1986, the two games have become enormously influential. Some of the best loved PC games, from Hollow Knight and Dead Cells to Ori and the Blind Forest and this year’s Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, are examples of the Metroidvania genre named for smashing together their approaches to platformer design. Now, to our surprise, another classic from Metroid and Castlevania’s era is about to receive a sequel, the newly announced Beyond the Ice Palace 2 following up on a predecessor launched 36 years ago.

Beyond the Ice Palace 2 is a new Metroidvania game based on a Commodore 64 platformer originally came out all the way back in 1988. Taking notes from the decades that have passed since then, the sequel incorporates Metroidvania style design trends to tell the revenge story of its zombie like protagonist, the Cursed King.

As in God of War and Castlevania, the Cursed King uses chains to not only attack enemies but also as a tool for platforming and puzzle solving. Beyond the Ice Palace 2 is set in the ghoulish, destroyed kingdom of its main character, and is packed with hidden areas to find, with accompanying treasures and opportunities to upgrade the Cursed King with new skills and stat buffs. It’s also set to feature giant bosses that will test the player’s combat abilities.

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Beyond the Ice Palace 2 has a general 2024 launch date. If you want to check out more details, head on over to its Steam page right here.

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