The Binding of Isaac’s next expansion Afterbirth+ adds more everything and mod tools

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is developed by steadfast indie porters Nicalis.

Binding of Isaac, the roguelike that won’t stop living, is getting another expansion for its remake, Rebirth, that adds more of – well, everything.

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The Afterbirth+ DLC will cost $9.99 ordinarily but obviously that’ll be $6.66 in the week after its January 3 launch on Steam.

In that devilish price you’ll find full access to mod tools, letting you mess with rooms and items and enemies, and playable characters and everything else in the game. The best mods will also find themselves being added to everyone else’s game in monthly content updates.

The stuff you don’t make yourself includes 67 new items, 27 new trinkets and 10+ new pickups, with exact numbers provided so fans don’t get confused by accidental ARG bugs.

That’s not all as there’s also *deep breath* a new final chapter and final boss, new playable character, “greedier” greed mode, 62 new achievements, five achievement “challenges”, hundreds of new rooms including ultra-rare ones, a new victory lap feature where the game carries on after you finish, the bestiary (an enemy collection page that keeps track of everything you kill in game), five new challenges, two new transformations

*another deep breath*

more than four new bosses, new alt forms for existing bosses, a handful of new enemies, features and new champion forms, new cut scenes and music tracks and probably a bunch of other stuff Ed McMillen can’t keep track of any more.

That should be enough forever, then, but here’s a trailer just in case you’re not clear on what that entails.