New Binding of Isaac spin-off is a “casual strategy multiplayer” game (not a battle royale)

binding of isaac multiplayer

There’s a new Binding of Isaac game on the way, and it’s a “casual strategy multiplayer” title. BOI creator Edmund McMillen has taken to Twitter to offer a maddeningly vague set of hints about the content of his next game, along with some bits of art from the title. McMillen is extremely specific about one point in particular, though: it’s “not a goddamn battle royale!”

Instead, it’s a local multiplayer game – no online – with an “ideal” player count around four people. There are elements of card games, but there’s no mana or land system taking well out of the Hearthstone or Magic genre. It’s turn-based, though McMillen says it’s not turn-based in the same vein as XCOM. “Some aspects can be compared” to Mario Party, as well. It’s also not a direct sequel, and takes place around the original game’s ending.

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The new game features “amazing art made by fans of the series only” – which you can see a taste of above – it’s unlike anything McMillen has made before, and it’s “very very neato.” McMillen’s been answering questions in vague terms throughout the past week on Twitter, so you can find more hints there – but do be careful what you take as fact. You wouldn’t want to go thinking there’s a Binding of Isaac battle royale, unlike an unfortunate colleague of mine. (Sorry, Ali.)

Whatever this new multiplayer on Binding of Isaac actually is, it’s set to be unveiled – or perhaps released – this Wednesday.

McMillen does also say “probably” to a question about whether this game is capable of ending friendships, so watch out for that if you convince some friends to join you. Or, you could take advantage of that fact to end any unhealthy relationships you might currently be caught up in. Quite a useful feature.