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We’ve got 100 copies of BIOS to give away. Want to shoot things really, really fast?


You’ve played plenty of first person shooters before, but have you played a first person shooter racer? No, we’re not talking about speed running Half-Life, this is BIOS: a shooter that’s all about completing levels in the quickest time possible. It could be yours for free. It takes just a few seconds to put your name in the hat, so why not send an entry or two our way?

BIOS is an interesting beast of a game. Developer PIXYUL have created something that is unapologetically bastard hard. There’s no slow introduction or tutorial; simply a count down from three, and then spawned into a maze filled with trip lasers and homicidal robots. There’s a solid selection of maps across a few difficulty levels, allowing you some gradual progression of challenge after you’ve climbed the wall-steep initial barrier.

The maze-like maps are based on a variety of locales; some are abstract buildings that share a little DNA with the likes of Black Mesa or Aperture Science, whilst others are cave networks, dockland cargo container stations, or even car parks. They’re all filled with danger though, and you’ll need twitch accuracy sharper than the best Counter-Strike players to get through the levels in good time. The game feels like it forces you to dash, which will certainly get you killed early on, but taking it slow and not worrying too much about your times is the way to ease yourself into BIOS’s mechanics. And with a bit of practice, you’ll soon start to shave seconds off that final time.

If you’d like to be entered into the draw for a Steam key, please use the widget below. The more things you do in the widget, such as liking our Facebook page, the more entries that go in the hat to be randomly selected. The email address we ask for is for contacting winners and sending them their Steam key code; we promise we won’t sign you up for anything silly.

Bios giveaway

If you’re randomly-selected to get a code, you’ll find it in your inbox – from where you’ll want to proceed directly to Steam and redeem it via the ‘activate a product’ box under the ‘Games’ tab.