Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea sees Booker and Elizabeth fight through Rapture; Clash in the Clouds DLC released


Irrational have revealed that they’re working on Burial at Sea, a two-part DLC campaign which sees Bioshock Infinite’s protagonists, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, fight their way through the setting of the first two games, the underwater city, Rapture.

Today also saw the release of Clash in the Clouds, a new set of maps for Bioshock: Infinite that allow you to fight Columbia’s enemies for a place in a new leaderboard.

Burial at Sea places you earlier in Rapture’s history that we’ve been before, back before everything collapsed under Andrew Ryan’s reign. You’ll see and be part of making it into the ruined city you discovered in the original Bioshock.

According to the press release, DLC will join features of both games: meaning you’ll be operating Infinite’s sky-lines and tears, while fighting big daddies with plasmids and vigors.

Burial at Sea will be a two-part DLC, supposedly tying off the story of Bioshock Infinite.

Out today is the DLC Clash in the Clouds:

This is a very combat-heavy DLC, providing you with four arena maps to battle against waves of AI enemies. Playing unlocks concept art, voxophones, kinetoscopes in The Columbian Archeological Society. There are also leaderboards to compete in.

Clash in the Clouds doesn’t particularly appeal to me as the combat wasn’t a big draw of Infinite but returning to Rapture in Burial at Sea has me excited. To see more of that beautiful Objectivist city, especially in its heyday before the collapse, is enough to have me plonk down money.

There’s no word of a release date for Burial at Sea.

All the DLC is covered by Bioshock Infinite’s DLC season pass which Irrational are pushing for £17. Otherwise you’re looking at picking up both episodes of Burial at sea for £10 each and Clash in the Clouds for £3.70.