BioShock Infinite DLC to feature new companion character


I haven’t finished BioShock Infinite yet, alright? So I don’t really know why Elizabeth can’t also tag along in its DLC. Perhaps she disappeared through a gap in the space/time continuum to watch ‘Revenge of the Jedi’. Perhaps she and Booker were married by Father Comstock in a Shakespearean wedding that saw differences resolved over food, wine, and a cheeky quip or two. Or perhaps she really was used to wipe away the debt, like so much kitchen roll.

In any case, she’s to be replaced in the first of three planned story-driven DLC releases by a new AI companion, a senior artist’s LinkedIn profile has revealed.

A now deleted entry on 2K artist Michael Shahan’s CV said that he has been “providing animation and R&D for a new AI companion character”. He didn’t divulge who that character might be, or whether they’re somebody we know already.

There’s very little else we do know about the planned DLC – but none of it is likely to make use of content cut from the game before release. Although Irrational cut “probably two games worth of stuff” from BioShock Infinite during development, Ken Levine told AusGamers in December that none of that dead wood was ready to be salvaged.

“Any of the content that I talked about, there’s nothing that we could pack together and ship,” he said. “There’s a term that we have called “rot”, in the games industry. If you leave a level, or if you leave some code for a long time, and you don’t tend to it, other code evolves around it, and that code gets broken, effectively.

“It’s very much like rot,” he continued. “Everything would be so deeply rotted, you wouldn’t be able to do anything with it. So I think to… there’s nothing in that, that we’re ready to go with, even remotely, that we’d really be able to release.”

Who do you think will replace Amy Pond as DeWitt’s travelling companion? Or won’t DeWitt feature at all?

Thanks, OXM.