BioShock Infinite Season Pass will grant access to three forthcoming DLC packs


Development on three add-on packs for Bioshock Infinite has “recently begun,” says developer Irrational Games, and though we don’t actually know what they’ll contain yet, we can still put down money for them by picking up a Season Pass. This grants you all three for £15.99 instead of £24, which is a effectively a third off, or buy two, get one free.

If you grab a Season Pass now, 2K will also toss in the Early
Bird Special Pack for free which contains a selection of exclusive items. Click through to see the list.

The Early Bird Pack contains:

  • A Machine Gun Damage Upgrade.
  • A Pistol Damage Upgrade.
  • Gold skins for both the pistol and machine gun.
  • Five Infusion bottles, for increasing health, shield durability or their ability to use Vigors.

Pre-ordering the game itself also entitles you to the Industrial Revolution Pack, which features a handful of extra in-game items, such as lock picks and $500 of currency. It also includes the Industrial

puzzle game, which “unlocks
stories of Columbia.”