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BioShock Infinite is heading to Linux; scheduled for early 2015

Bioshock Infinite

2K Games have officially announced that their much loved BioShock Infinite will be available on Linux early next year. The first hints were picked up by a redditor, who saw new string updates to the game make multiple references to the Linux platform.

Shortly after, this was confirmed by a tweet from the publisher themselves. “More details coming after the New Year.” said 2K.

A crafty redditor by the name of “Two-Tone-” spotted a series of string updates in the Steam database, directly referencing Linux as an available OS to the game.

The findings were then further confirmed by a tweet from 2K Games.

With a Linux platform announced, it wouldn’t be farfetched to assume the title will also be heading to Steam’s own OS, which is a Linux based operating system.

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Mountain_Man avatarMrAptronym avatarVanguard avatarjan_decavele avatar
Mountain_Man Avatar
3 Years ago

SteamOS is not based on Linux, SteamOS IS Linux.

MrAptronym Avatar
MrAptronym(17 hours played)
3 Years ago

"Linux based operating system" is the preferred term for many since Linux technically only refers to the kernel. The operating system refers to many of the services that run on top of that as well. GNU people often make a stink about that. All Linux distributions are "Linux based operating systems."

Mountain_Man Avatar
3 Years ago

At the end of the day, there is no fundamental difference between SteamOS and other distros like Gentoo, Ubuntu, Slackware, etc. So we may well just refer to all of them as Linux and be done with it.

Vanguard Avatar
3 Years ago

I dunno why they even release games for Linux. it's completely useless. Linux isn't suitable for playing games ,it's more for super computers and those who are into technological side ,for general use MacOS and Windows are most suitable.

jan_decavele Avatar
jan_decavele(23 hours played)
3 Years ago

I don't know where you get this idea. Linux and BSD distributions are safe, fast and most of them are super easy to use and install (and btw: completely free in every sense of the word ;) ). I barely use windows and it's mostly slow, outdated and has an very non-intuitive user interface.

The only reason I have a Windows disk on my shelf, is because of Microsoft's success at vendor locking games, deliberately breaking wine builds with DirectX releases. And especially the very successful sabotage of OpenGL in the late nineties while promoting their own graphics API and console (we were fools to allow them in the board) and the OpenGL smear campaign during the Windows Vista promotion.

[google these stories if you're interested, they make up a good read]

These successes made the gaming industry evolve from an open community where the best technologies are chosen for the job, to the barren wasteland that is DirectX where there is only one choice for developers and hence, consumers.

Things are changing though with Valve's efforts (which are incited by the release of Windows 8), and in part by Sony by using FreeBSD as (the base for) their operating system for PS3 and PS4 (although they added their own graphics libraries, most of the PS3/4 games are written for OpenGL)

If you're comfortable using Windows that's fine, but don't assume another OS is not suitable for gaming just because of 1 company's efforts to prevent games to be released on said platform.

My apologies for the long post and apparent rant, I had get this from my chest.