Be enraptured by Rapture in this new Bioshock: The Collection trailer


If you’re looking forward to returning to a trilogy of modern classics when Bioshock: The Collection releases, here’s a lovely little video to, ahem, tide you over. 

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There’s always a lighthouse, but now it looks a fair bit nicer, thanks to improved textures. You can definitely tell this version has had some work put into it, and are you not entitled to the sweat of your brow?

Rapture’s neon signs in particular look far better than they used to. It’s just a shame the way water pools at the bottom of the stairs hasn’t been reworked, as you’ll see in the video below. The things we used to put up with, eh?

Bioshock: The Collection includes all three Bioshock games, complete with all single-player DLC and a never-before-seen video series with commentary from game director Ken Levine. The collection releases September 13, 2016.