Bioshock: The Collection will be free to people who already own the games – get the lot now for $20

BioShock: The Collection cheap

With the announcement of Bioshock: The Collection, there was also mention of getting the various remasters cheap or free based on what you might already own in the franchise. We contacted 2K for clarification, and it turns out that if you own BioShock 1, 2 or Minerva’s Den, you’ll receive the remastered version for free. This isn’t contingent on owning all of them, you’ll receive individual upgrades for each.

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What this effectively means is a bit of forward planning at the end of the Steam sale – which cuts off today – will save you some serious money in the long run. The Collection will be going on sale for $59.99, or whatever a full price game costs in your part of the world. Meanwhile, you can currently get Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock: Infinite on Steam for $10.51. The first two parts of this will be upgraded come September, while Infinite isn’t receiving a remastered version on PC.

So what is that extra $50 paying for? Well, there’s Minerva’s Den, currently going for $2.49. There’s also the various bits of single-player DLC for all the games, though the only significant portion is for Bioshock: Infinite, all of which can be grabbed in the Season Pass for $9.99. After that, The Collection’s only draw is the unique documentary and bits of small DLC for the first two games.

Obviously, the various free upgrades will still have to wait until September 13, and just buying the Collection will be a lot simpler than all these disparate deals – plus once things reset to normal price at the end of the sale, chances are your savings aren’t that significant. That happens in about seven hours – so decide now.