BioWare address “confusion” over the next Mass Effect. It’s not a sequel, got it?

Mass Effect 3

The new Mass Effect game currently incubating in Montreal isn’t called Mass Effect 4, and BioWare community cacodaemon Chris Priestly would appreciate it if you stopped referring to the game as such, thankyouverymuch. To do so would be “doing it a disservice”.

“To call the next game Mass Effect 4 or ME4 is doing it a disservice and seems to cause a lot of confusion here,” Priestly told BioWare forumites in a discussion provocatively titled, ‘How is Bioware going to keep everyone happy in Me4?’.

“We have already said that the Commander Shepard trilogy is over and that the next game will not feature him/her. That is the only detail you have on the game. I see people saying “well, they’ll have to pick a canon ending”. No, because the game does not have to come after. Or before. Or off to the side. Or with characters you know. Or yaddayaddayadda.”

Priestly said that the precise details of the new Mass Effect’s setting and cast wouldn’t be revealed until “years down the road”.

He continued: “I do not call the game ME4 when I talk about it ever, because that makes people think of it more as ‘what happens after Mass Effect 3’ rather than ‘what game happens next set in the Mass Effect Universe’, which is far more accurate at this point.

“Obviously fans are going to speculate content, character and story until we actually reveal details in the years or months to come as you have almost no actual details, just don’t get bogged down in ‘well how are they going to continue ME3…’.”

Okay. What we’re going to do instead is think up a really ace subtitle for the next entry in Mass Effect’s universe. I’ll start us off with Mass Effect: Ask Questions First, Shoot A Bit Later. Thoughts?

Thanks toVG247 and Eurogamer.