BioWare’s third Shadow Realms teaser is called Impact; you’ll see why

Shadow Realms

Young Chosen Ones are entered into a lottery of ways to discover they’re in possession of powers beyond their understanding. If they’re lucky, they’ll land a blown lightbulb or harmless bit of unintentional snake-charming. If they’re not, they’ll reduce the family home to rubble.

The subject of today’s teaser for BioWare’s Shadow Realms project is an unlucky young lady.

The trailer does a really good job of capturing the surrealism that – I would imagine, I’m not Chosen – follows in the aftermath of an irreversible wrong. Observe:

“It’s not my fault,” she repeats, in the manner of somebody who needs convincing. And suddenly the You’ve Been Chosen slogan BioWare have been waving around takes on a satisfying level of ambiguity.

Blue rings of fire have cropped up again and again in BioWare’s teasers for Shadow Realms – which share a common thread of young people shaken out of their lives by arcane wyrdness.

EA have said the title of the game will be revealed during their Gamescom conference on August 18 – which will also be streamed on Twitch.

If this is the BioWare Edmonton game previewed briefly at E3, we can expect a contemporary setting from the studio behind Baldur’s Gate and Dragon Age. Which is unspeakably exciting, isn’t it?