Black Annex: an isometric corporate espionage game built in QBASIC


Man Fight Dragon’s first game, Black Annex, looks like Syndicate crossed with Habbo Hotel. It’s a tactical corporate espionage strategy game in which you control multiple agents, infiltrating office environments, hacking doors and terminals and shooting folks who may or may not deserve shooting. That’s probably where the similarities with Habbo Hotel end. Here’s a trailer. Black Annex immediately looks like a thing you just want to play without any further investigation required.

It’s also written in QBASIC, a programming language from 1872. That means that, should the Black Annex Greenlight be successful, this would be the first QBASIC game to launch on Steam (unless I’ve overlooked something, maybe gorillas.bas made it on there?).

According to the developer’s website there’s some agency management and book balancing involved, as well as the ability to upgrade your five agents’ skills as you complete missions. There’ll also be optional challenges to take on, such as ‘no kills’ or ‘take hostage’ objectives.

Black Annex looks as thoughtful as it is visually arresting. It comes to PC some time this year.