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Black Desert: Remastered will “redefine graphics” for MMOs next week

Black Desert Online is getting a big graphics and audio update, and this remaster is coming next week.

Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss has announced a huge graphics and audio update for the MMO, which is due to drop next week on August 23. The developer are calling the new version Black Desert: Remastered, and say that the revamp “redefines graphics and audio quality for MMORPGs.”

Pearl Abyss made the announcement at a live conference in Seoul. The event showed off the improved version of the game, and gave a few details about what players can expect.

On the audio side, Audio Director Hwiman Ryu revealed that the Remastered version will feature 100 new songs at over 300 minutes, recorded with a full orchestra comprising 88 musicians from Germany, Czech Republic and Hungary. Additionally, 60 voice actors re-recorded audio for 130 NPCs, which Pearl Abyss hope will give “a more realistic and immersive experience.”

The game will also feature improved graphics, with enhanced light processing. The development team say that they’ve hard worked to optimize the game’s existing specifications, presumably so the game can still be played on as wide a range of PCs as possible.

Pearl Abyss also revealed some additional features that were coming to the game in future updates, which include an expanded range of Black Spirit skills, a new region called Ordilita, a male ranger, and a new sniper mode “for hunting and more.” There is also “a new militarized subjugation system in the works,” apparently.

Before the Remastered update drops, players can take part in the celebrations to receive a Blessing of Kamasylve, and anyone who logs in to the game before the update will receive a Tier 7 Horse Emblem and a Golden Horse Gear Set when it does on August 23.