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Black Desert Online to get increased server capacity

Black Desert Online

Players have been experiencing issues with server overload in that MMO with a brilliant character editor, Black Desert Online. Fortunately, the developers are on it.

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People have had their character appear in areas where mobs won't spawn, they've been getting disconnected because of server capacity, and have been putting up with other issues related to ithe Korean MMO's unexpected popularity.

The developers are working on increasing server capacity, however, as they revealed on the game's official Twitter channel. 

There's no timeframe for the fix, but I assume it's being treated as a matter of urgency, especially as they'll be wanting to retain their early players. 

Black Desert Online launched on March 3, and you can read our Fraser's brilliant impressions on the MMO here.

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Fattox avatarhuldu avatarAever avatarmetaldrumcore avatar
Fattox Avatar
2 Years ago

I'm on the most populated EU server (Jordine), where even now at 3.30am every channel is listed as "Crowded". I've noticed zero issues at peak-times, even while every area i go to is littered with people.

Can't imagine how busy the NA servers must be if they're having this problem. Their towns must be like a tin of sardines.

huldu Avatar
2 Years ago

No worries, like *all* mmos you expect a drop in players in a few months. Just hang in there!

Aever Avatar
2 Years ago

Ehm, not sure about that. First of all, this is a B2P title. What you said is generally true for F2P games, where people come, take a look and leave. Second, it's pretty good game, so people will probably stick around for a tad longer.

metaldrumcore Avatar
2 Years ago

I'm a NA follower of from the USA. As Fattox pointed out the servers are always listed as "crowded" during off peak hours. The same is on the NA side although out of the three servers we have to choose from, with multiple channels in each, only 1-2 comes down to "crowded" levels on off peak hours. Usually at least one still displays overrun.

Huldu I'll have to agree with Aever on this. I don't see the population dying down anytime soon. Maybe after 6 months when late game GvG PVP has calmed down and everyone is max level. If you haven't played BDO you might not know but the game isn't your standard MMO. When they say "sandbox" they mean every bit of the term. As far as I know this is the most pure sandbox experience there has ever been in an MMO. You aren't held by the hand in any measure of the term. You complete a small tutorial and are release into the world. Quests do not grant leveling EXP but instead contribution points which you then dump into the trading/worker flow of the game. That trading/worker aspect can sometimes take up days of your time, effectively blocking you from even leveling. In any other MMO this would be considered a waste of time. Here in BDO, aside from PVP, your level is irrelevant. It is my favorite MMO I've played to date and I remember playing the first Everquest and thinking it was the best game ever.

I'm glad they are addressing the overcrowded servers though. This has been a huge issue for grinding as well as immersion. In CBT 1 you would enter a town and head to the trader to find maybe a single player with a wagon, handful of players with horses, and then 10-15 people just standing talking to the trader. Now after full release there are so many people with wagons along that you can't find the trade NPC or the ground for that matter. It is EVERY TOWN also. They need to find a way to thin the population out and more servers/channels would definetly help to say the least. One important detail for people to realize also when it comes to server population is fishing is a very lucrative business in BDO and the game lets you do that AFK without being timed out. You only need to open the client every hour and a half to two hours to sell your inventory of fish and start AFK fishing again. The beaches are littered with people parking characters and doing just that. It is everywhere and I'm sure artificially inflates the number of people on the server because you don't really run into that many in open world.

BDO is a great game. It should at least be tried out. Most people have spare guest passes laying around. If interested some are offering them on the forum sites for the game. It is a rather decent community. Though, the NA servers at least have a problem with channel chat, which is like general chat in normal MMOs. It is getting increasingly venomous as the days go by. The number of blocked users is amazing... and cash shop resellers too... But nothing is perfect.