Black Desert Online will run in-game launch competitions, new dev interview tackles community concerns

Black Desert Online beta over

The Black Desert Online beta has come to an end with launch just a week away on March 3rd. Developers Daum Games are marking the occasion with a series of events, as well as filling the run-up with extra info from their teams about the first few months and beyond. Rewards for taking part include in-game items along with real-world t-shirts and statues. Naturally, every last one of them involves showing the game off on YouTube or elsewhere.

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The three competitions, which will run from launch up until March 22nd, break down like this:

  • Music video competition – combo of game footage and use of its music, with no other guidelines. The best ones will win statues and t-shirts.
  • Screenshot competition – a picture of your in-game character, specifically on any form of transportation. In-game items to the victors.
  • Guild screenshot competition – same deal, but with as many of your guild-mates as possible in shot. More items.

Specific details, such as where to put the pictures or what you’ll be getting, will pop up on the forumsbefore too long. In the mean time, get plotting.

Meanwhile, a pre-launch developer interview has surfaced on those same forums, fielding various questions from the community. Included in what’s gone over is the possibility of male counterparts to some of the female classes, whether a healing and supporting class will ever find its way into Black Desert Online and lots more. It’s a fairly big set of questions and covers everything from noobie concerns to how high level gearing and progression will work, so do check it out if you’re interested in the game.

With release on March 3rd, they’re still offering “up to 96 hours” of pre-release access to those that pre-order. Have a look at Fraser’s thoughts from the Black Desert Online beta before you dive in, of course.

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