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Black Mesa: new screens released of the anticiptated Half-Life remake mod


Black Mesa is a complete remake of the original Half-Life in the Source engine. Like everything that’s even somewhat related to Valve, it’s succumbed to Valve Time and been in development for about three years longer than they’d hoped. To keep us all eager, and frankly I’m still stupidly excited, they just released some new images over on their Facebook page. Is this the beginning of the end?

You should drop a like on them for keeping with the mod for all these years. Here’s the first look at new, Black Mesa in-game screens in many a year.

That is a major, major looking rocket-launcher.

The lighting is sexier than Alyx’s mom.

Barney preparing to take on those terrifying army guys. I wonder if the grenades will be as accurate this time around?

They’ve taken so long because they couldn’t stop arguing over what the correct shade of green to use.

“Scared? Not I, for I have this crowbar…”

This has at least 12% more science than the original game.

Oh no! We’ll have to kill the Vortigaunt’s, again 🙁