Blackspace lets you blow up an asteroid: now launched on Kickstarter


Just when you thought every possible permutation of the Tower Defense genre had been imagined, Blackspace comes along and blasts the asteroid of your expectations into little pieces, and then mines your impressed surprise for parts. It casts you as a versatile mining craft after those precious moon rocks, on a fully destructible asteroid which you need to mine and defend from swarms of automated spacebots. It’s just launched on Kickstarter, so there’s a video and everything.

Rather than just have you plop down towers and the like on fixed slots, you physically place them, able to attach them to a winch underneath your craft to move them about, as well as shoot many rockets into the surface to both clear it for building, and dig for minerals. The whole asteroid has a level of physicality to it that’s going to mean you can do all sorts of clever trap building to clear your enemies before they do damage to your base.
They’re looking to get $350,000, which is a pretty hefty sum, but the game itself is looking more than a little impressive, if only from a visual standpoint. And when it appears to be so systemic, this could be something significantly more involved than your typical tower defense game. That that term feels a little narrow to encompass everything that PixelFoundry want to do with it is sign enough that it could be pretty special, especially as they’re developing for Oculus Rift and nVidia 3D.
They’ve got $10,000 so far, and they’ve got a month to make $340,000 more.