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Blackwake’s got mortars, ships, and tricorne hats in its new update

Blackwake Mortar

Man the sails and fire the cannons, Blackwake’s got a trailer for its next big content update, the Alpha V2.1 update. It’s still in Early Access, but there are new ships to sail, a new mode called Treasure Trade, and new tricorne hats, because what’s a pirate without their hat?

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The update is out now, and also marks progress in getting Kickstarter rewards out to those that backed the game previously. When they’ll be sent out isn’t set in stone, but they’re “in place and will be sent out soon.”

The new mode is what might get you back into the game, though, as it features a whole new mechanic: mortar towers that can bombard enemy ships from above, seemingly wrecking anything it hits. There’s also more booty going around, because, similar to tricorne hats, you can’t be a pirate without a whole lot of booty, especially if you’ve got to fight for it.

With this out, the team are moving on towards some other hotly-requested features, such as swinging from ropes, captains selecting a preferred ship, and being able to sabotage supplies when boarding the enemy.

The game is very much not finished, but the continued support hopefully means development is going along swimmingly, with the recent influx of players hopefully helping that out. For the official notes on the patch, check the Steam Community page.