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Blade Runner 9732 is a fan-made tour of Deckard’s apartment, with ambient Vangelis


Blade Runner 9732 is a VR-capable walking simulator set inside Rick Deckard’s Los Angeles apartment from the titular sci-fi dystopia. Carefully recreated from the movie by developer Quentin Lengele, it’s due for a full release on Steam on January 7, but you can play with the beta today.

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You can wander about Deckard’s apartment – number 9732, if you were wondering about the name – and enjoy a few interactions, like playing with his piano or his Esper machine. On a more passive but no less majestic level, you can simply hang out on the balcony listening to ambient music by Vangelis as the city passes you by. A VR headset is not necessary, but is obviously the best way to explore the environment. You’re limited to the HTC Vive for now.

Click this link to download the beta, or head to the Steam pagefor its full release in a few days’ time. For more, you can also check out the game’swebsite, where you’ll find a dev blog. In its latest entry, Lengele has started work on putting Rachael into the apartment – “she’s now wandering through the rooms and looking at you when you get closer.”

As RPS note, this looks like an unsanctioned fan-made game, and as such may vanish at a single word from a Warner Bros lawyer. Enjoy it while you can.