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Free Steam keys: We have 3,000 codes for fur-filled arena brawler Blast Out up for grabs!

Blast Out

You’d think that by putting rodents, bears, and other furry creatures into a tightly-packed arena surrounded on all sides by lava that they’d work together to escape. Nope. That’s not the case, apparently. According to Blast Out, a new top-down arena brawler, those cutesy animals will fight each other, even try to push each into a certain death. The animal kingdom is a harsh place.

The feature at the heart of Blast Out is the one it gets its title from. The Blast Out is a mechanic that knocks your enemies flying backwards from your position. You’ll need to use this wisely – as well as avoid being struck by your opponent’s Blast Out. Similar to Super Smash Bros., this is a game in which you win by knocking your enemies out of the arena – except they don’t have much of a chance to recover like in Smash Bros., so it’s faster paced and more chaotic.

Apart from the fact that you get to play as a red panda, the other big draw of Blast Out is that you can customise that panda to fight as you prefer, mixing up its abilities. Finding what works for you is very important. The reason being that if you can complement your playstyle – whether aggressive, airborne, stand-offish, or anything else – you’ll be able to pull off some devastating ability combos. That’ll certainly help you be the last one standing.

Blast Out has been in development for a little while but today it come out for everyone to play on Steam Early Access. We’re giving you the chance to check it out by giving away – drum roll, please – 3,000 codes. Yep, you should be able to nab one of those if you’re quick. All you need to do to get your Steam key is complete one of the actions in the widget below.

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