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Blessed be: beardy Brian voices this Putty Squad trailer


Right now, you’re more likely to recognise Blessed’s boom in a trailer for a nice, inexpensive new game than you are to spot him doing whatever his day job’s supposed to be – brushing his bushy beard across the neon-coloured desks of comedy panel shows, probably.

In this one, he even bellows the PEGI rating that crops up at the beginning, as if it’s a teleprompt.

Nothing spurs a game critic on like the promise of being addressed directly in a video by West Riding’s loudest son 30 years down the line:

And PC, Brian? Oh. It turns out the revamped amorphous platformer is launching on PS4 first – but once Sony and their brood have had their fill, it’ll soon hop to Steam and the Windows 8 Store.

“Putty Squad has been a long time coming, but starting November 29th, as a PlayStation 4 launch title, we are overjoyed to be able to bring fans of gaming a unique and charming experience,” said Mark Cale, CEO of tiny publishers System 3. “Working with Brian Blessed has been an absolute dream, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to help us launch Putty Squad.”

It’s undeniably entertaining to listen to a mean who truly loves the sound of his own voice, isn’t it?