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Blizzard open an EU merch store, for faster and cheaper shipping

Blizzard EU gear store

Blizzard has an EU gear store. European Blizzard fans wanting to get their hands on that sweet, sweet merch have been used to waiting for expensive shipping from the US gear store, but with the opening of the new shopfront, will have lower shipping costs and faster delivery.

The gear store has a host of collectibles, pins, and clothing available from across Blizzard’s catalogue of games. If you’re an Overwatch fan you’ll be particularly well catered for, but there’s plenty of World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Heroes of the Storm merch in there as well.

Blizzard’s games feature heavily on our list of the best PC games, so their merch must be pretty good too, right?

The EU Gear Store isn’t available throughout Europe – currently it’s only available for European Union member states (what that’ll mean for UK players post-Brexit is yet to be seen, but I’d imagine that shipping costs will go up at the very least). EU fans will still have access to the North American store, if they want it, but not the other way around. 

If you want information about accounts, ordering, and how the two stores will interact, Blizzard has created a helpful FAQ that should cover pretty much everything you need to know. Players from countries not on the list can still order their merch from the US store, but tariffs and import fees will still apply.