Blood Bowl 2 releases today, you could be scoring a violent touchdown right now

Blood Bowl 2 launch

The bloody and brutal Warhammer approach to American Football Blood Bowl 2 finally makes it onto the pitch today. After being delayed from June, it’s ready to play games in this autumn season, and the launch trailer makes it clear that this is no friendly affair.

Blood Bowl 2 will unlock on Steam later today, but if you opted for the physical release you could well be holding a copy right now. And if monsters smashing each other up for the glory of the game is your thing, then Blood Bowl 2 should certainly be on your radar: early reviews from across the web are awarding 8/10s and praising both its strategy and improvements over the first game.

Have you picked up Blood Bowl 2 today? Did you play the beta and are now eagerly awaiting full release? Tell us your tales of bone-crushing touchdowns in the comments.