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Blood Bowl 2’s pre-order bonus Lizardmen and Wood Elves now both available to early buyers

Blood Bowl pre-order teams

Blood Bowl 2 offered pre-orderers one of two races as a bonus: either Lizardmen or Wood Elves. It was a difficult choice, but one all pre-orderers had to make. But that’s all changed, because developer Cyanide have decided to give both teams away.

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The change was announced on a Steam community blog, and explained that it was a decision made to reward players for their continued support.

Pre-orderers from Steam get both the Lizardmen and Wood Elves, whilst people who bought within the first week (until Monday 28th September) will get the Lizardmen team for free too.

People who bought the game physically or digitally from another retailer will also find that their pre-order codes unlock both teams.

This will bring the total amount of teams available to play as up to ten, with there being eight races in the base game.

There has been a little controversy around Lizardmen and Wood Elves, with some players feeling that Cyanide held back development of them to make them as day-one DLC. Michael Douse, creative producer at publisher Focus Home Interactive, tweeted a few weeks back to point out this is not the case. “The Blood Bowl 2 DLC races are not pre-order exclusive. You’ll be able to buy them after launch,” he said. “Game was delayed so we had time to develop them. They weren’t held back. They’re not even finished.”