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Blood Bowl 2 will be available to pre-order on Steam later today

Blood Bowl 2

Imagine a bowl of blood. Eurgh, gross! Now stop imagining that, because Blood Bowl 2 has just announced its pre-order deals, which include the opportunity to align yourself with one of the turn-based fantasy sports em up’s races in order to gain access to the multiplayer beta ahead of release.

There’s also a brand new overview trailer, which sums up all of the reasons why Games Workshop’s super violent, Warhammer-meets-NFL strategy game is worth your attention. Take a look.

Two new races have recently been added to the existing eight, the Lizardmen and the Wood Elves. They’re only available to those who pre-order though, sadly. While PlayStation people are lumbered with Lizardmen and Xbox people are stuck with Wood Elves, those ordering through Steam are given a choice of either.

Blood Bowl 2 launches on September 22 in the UK, with pre-orders starting at 5pm BST. In the meantime, go read Jeremy’s superb write-up of the game’s unlikely origins, and how the thing almost never got made.