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Dwarves smash Skaven with spiky trikes in Blood Bowl 2 trailer

Blood Bowl dwarves

The multiplayer beta for Blood Bowl 2 pre-orderers starts next week, and to get you in the mood for the big match Cyanide Studio have put out a new trailer for the game in which the stocky Dwarves showdown with the ratty Skaven.

The video shows off some of the more amusing tactics, including the use of the Dwarven Deathroller. This three-wheeled bike is covered in spikes and can crush any enemy player. However, it’s strictly forbidden in the rules of Blood Bowl, so the player riding it will get sent off by the referee.

Skaven players are weak and scrawny, but lightening fast. Keeping them away from heavy units like Dwarves is imperative, but they can quickly break through enemy lines and score touchdowns.

Blood Bowl 2 releases September 22nd.