Bloons TD 6 becomes $2, hits an even more ridiculous player count record

Bloons TD 6 remains one of Steam's most consistently popular games

I look at the Steam charts to see what’s hot on Valve’s platform. And every day, I am once again surprised to see Bloons TD 6 hanging among Steam’s most popular titles. The colourful tower defense game suddenly exploded in popularity late last year after a substantial sale and some big Twitch streams, and now another discount has brought the game to even greater heights.

Bloons TD 6 went 80% off over the past week (sorry, the sale just ended), which isn’t even the biggest sale in the game’s history. Nevertheless, it brought the game to a peak of 53,943 concurrent players yesterday, as SteamDB shows, up by over 10k from the previous peak in January, which happened after a 90% discount.

Tower defense is a venerable subgenre of strategy games, and the Bloons series has plenty of nostalgia built up from its days as a free Flash game, but it’s still wild to see Bloons TD 6 in comparable standing to Steam games as massive as Destiny 2 and Civilization VI.

There was also a major update earlier this month with a new character and map, so Bloons just continues to inflate with content.