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Blue Monday? GTA: Vice City Stories PC mod is live


HOW DOES IT FEEL: Legendary game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories has been put onto PC by modders at Mod DB and released for beta testing

“This is a total conversion modification for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which transforms the game into the PlayStation exclusive Vice City Stories,” they say, and have released the first part of the game, and codenamed it ‘BLUE HESPER’. …I want to be able to give things codenames so bad.

“In this update you will find a remarkable amount of changes to the engine as well as a nice bundle of missions to complete, most of the first chapter is available to play along with a couple of side missions and some other extras here and there that you will unlock as you progress through the story,” Mod DB say.

Gameplay Teaser – Mod DB

Reminding players that they will need a clean install of San Andreas, they go on to say “we’d also like to remind you to NOT install “Vice City Stories PC Edition” to your “San Andreas” Directory, please follow the instructions of the installer carefully, if you need any more help, read the ReadMe.”

You can find the768MB download hereand go careening about Vice City to your heart’s content. But I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, but the music. The music! And the cars! And the… You’re thinking how does it feel, today, on a Monday, Blue Hesper?

You’re thinking…. how does it feel? Like, how does it? How does it feel?

NEW ORDER – Blue Monday [Official Video] HQ from DAS BUNKER ENTERTAINMENT on Vimeo.

Have a sweet Blue Monday, Blue Hesper!