Blustery day: Heroes of the Storm has entered technical alpha

Heroes of the Storm is a team-based affair in the mode of League of Legends.

Heroes of the Storm is the on-screen manifestation of BlizzCon – a place where demons hack at marines healed by Knights of the Silver Hand. It’s the MOBA formerly known as Blizzard All-Stars – now finally playable to a select few users. Though still very far from finished.

“Don’t worry,” says Blizzard community man Kevin Johnson. “Uther isn’t really going to sound like that”. 

What, then, is a technical alpha? Apparently it’s a fairly abstract tutorial, followed by a lot of quests.

Quests are a progression system that’ll tie matches together and reward players with XP. New quests will appear every day, and character-specific quests will unlock new cosmetic skins.

Some will open up extra game modes – including the single player practice mode included in the alpha. I expect that’ll prove handy in a brand new game about expertly coordinated teamwork.

Our Nick has dabbled a bit already – and so far reckons Heroes of the Storm is “quite polished” for an alpha. Such is gaming life under Blizzard.

The full game will launch for Windows and Mac, eventually. Will you be waiting in lane for the next wave of invites?