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Bohemia gives a SITREP on Arma 3


Things have changed in Arma land. It’s all beta now. But what does that mean? For those who were born and moulded inside the Arma 3 alpha, things are changed and excitingly new. For those not, the game is suddenly a bit more expensive, but now has a bit more for you to do, and those things could be things you want to get involved with. Bohemia have released a new video as a community guide to explain what happened in the alpha, what’s in the beta, and why it’s worth getting hot under the collar about. 

Narrated by Dslyecxi of Arma community group Shack Tactical, the video covers some key elements on how the alpha has used player feedback to improve, and highlights some of the most interesting elements that are new in Arma 3, such as the stance system that allows much more than just standing, crouched and prone, allowing you to heighten or lower your body by inches at a time.

Dslyecxi also offers a look at the pick of Arma 3’s already thriving mod community, explaining how the community have already developed systems that make the game much more immersive than Bohemia could have imagined.

The game is not due for full release until much later on this year, but as this video shows, the beta – despite very much a work in progress – still has a lot of content to offer, whilst looking incredibly gorgeous with its fancy lighting effects.

Thanks, PC Gamer.