Free Steam keys: Win a copy of cartoony, FTL-like WW2 survival sim Bomber Crew!

Bomber Crew

Who here enjoyed FTL: Faster Than Light? It was great. Weird that there hasn’t been a deluge of games copying its best ideas wholesale. Managing your spaceship crew, putting out fires, and ordering attacks on enemies while looking for resources and making a quick escape from your pursuers – it was all very dramatic, tactile, and kept you on your toes. That’s something Bomber Crew also achieves.

While Bomber Crew is not set in outer space, it does take some of the same principles that made FTL great and transfers them to a WW2 theme. In it, you manage a crew that you have hand-picked as they take up positions inside a physics-based bomber.

As you set out on your sky-bound expedition, you need to keep an eye onfuel, ammo, and hydraulics in order to maintain your flight path and beat back enemy fighters. It’s a flight simulator, survival sim, and aerial combat game all rolled up into one cartoony experience.

But don’t expect it to be childish due to its look – permadeath is in place, so you can expect sad moments when your favourite crew members are expelled, never to return. That said, you can customise the appearance of your bomber with a lot of freedom, so hopefull that will cheer you up.

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