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Borderlands 2 DLC Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty announced, out October 16th


That’s the eponymous pirate there. She’s not so much mechanically augmented as cobbled together using equal parts pistons and poor attitude, and it’s not clear whether she asked for this. It’s her you’ll face down in seaside-resort-turned-wasteland Oasis, a brand new corner of Pandora.

There you’ll find new plot and the characters required to steer it, and search for Captain Scarlett’s treasure amid inconvenient piles of pirate bandits and sand worms. All in the company of the sand skiff, the land-worthy tub you can see below.

It’s out on Tuesday, say Kotaku, a week after the arrival of the Mechromancer class.

Gearbox have always had a bit of fun with Borderlands DLC, and its been very much evident in their produce. Will you be picking up Pirate’s Booty?