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Borderlands 2 video shows how Krieg became a vault hunter and… meat bicycle


We all have our off days, a Freudian slip here, a malapropism there, sometimes we’ll be spilling spoonerisms before we’ve even got out the house but that’s nothing on Borderlands 2’s Krieg. The poor psycho can’t seem to get anything from his mind to his mouth without some serious mistranslations going on. Meaning his warnings become shouts about shiny meat bicycles or his amorous advances to be cries of “poop train.”

See how he regains a modicum of control in the video below.

Krieg was added to the Borderlands 2 vault hunter roster in the Psycho Pack DLC released earlier this month, but quite how one of the game’s standard enemies managed to turn to the side of good was left unexplained; hence Gearbox’s short film titled A Meat Bicycle for Two:

You can pick up the DLC through the Steam.

Cheers, Escapist.