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Borderlands 2’s Mechromancer class available today


Gaige, get it? Gaige. She’s Borderlands 2’s first DLC character, comprising the magic-meets-mechanics Mechromancer class due to arrive a week from now. Except Gearbox have just announced that she’s arriving today instead, perhaps anticipating that following the launches of both Dishonored and XCOM: Enemy Unknown this week, we’ll all be broke by October 16. The game’s fifth class will be free for those who pre-ordered, otherwise costing $9.99. She’s got a pet robot.

Gaige’s action skill summons her robo-companion Deathtrap,who’ll fight on your behalf using explosions and gnashing metal appendages. The Mechromancer also comes with her ownskill treethat allows you to spec the class to improve either Deathtrap’s efficiency, Gaige’s elemental damage, or her ‘Anarchy’ abilities, a stacking resource that builds up through gun use.You can go play with the skill tree on the Gearbox website.

The Mechromancer is due tobecome available later on today. Thanks IGN.