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Get the full Borderlands series for $10 in latest Humble Bundle

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There's a new Humble Bundle up and it's focused on RPGs and the Borderlands games. While that means anyone who has somehow avoided the loot'em'up can get a hold of it now - including the most recent pre-sequel - there's also some other goodies in there as a bonus.

Here's the breakdown of what you can get:

  • A single dollar will get you:
    • The first Borderlands, plus all of its DLC. It's okay, but pales in comparison to the sequel.
    • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut. A trilogy of action RPG games about killing vampires.
    • Wurm Unlimited. A sandbox MMO that has been running for longer than most and is packed with, frankly, incredibly weird stuff.
  • Paying more than the average, currently around $5, adds:
    • Borderlands 2, plus all of its DLC. Particularly the DLC includes some of the most imaginative and interesting game design ever, and the base game is a laugh as well.
    • Endless Legend. The first time Amplitude managed to get their grand ideas for 4X games to really pay off, resulting in a complex and highly original turn-based strategy.
    • Guild of Dungeoneering. A strange take on the RPG as you build the dungeon, rather than the character. Certainly unique.
  • Up yourself to $10 and you also get the Borderlands Pre-Sequel. It doesn't come with its DLC, and is the least well received Borderlands game, but if you're a completionist or like going to the moon it's probably a good shout.

The middle tier is definitely worth it from personal experience, and if you just want the Pre-Sequel it's less than a third of its current steam price. It'll run for the next two weeks, so plenty of time to decide. Click here if you'd like to buy.

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