Free Steam keys: Win a code to unlock all the fighters in platform-fighter Brawlhalla!


Who needs Super Smash Bros. on PC when you’ve got a game like Brawlhalla absolutely nailing what anyone could want from a platform brawler? Not us. The free-to-play game has acquired millions of players over the past couple of years. If you’re not one of them then it’s probably about time you became one.

Brawlhalla supports up to eight players in its 2D battle arenas, but has variations on this, with matches supporting four players, 2v2, and even ranked 1v1 if that’s more your style. The idea in each match is simple: push your opponents off the platform and into the death zones out to the sides.

To do this, you can use your chosen character’s individual movese – including their more powerful special moves – and a number of weapons scattered about, each of which change your playstyle when equipped. You’ll want to get to grips with pulling off combos, especially air juggling ones, if you want to win.

If you’re worried about Brawlhalla being a free-to-play game then there really is no need. Developers Blue Mammoth Games have dedicated themselves to creating a fair competitive experience so that there are no pay-to-win advantages. In fact, the only items you can buy with real money are cosmetic and new characters – there are six on rotation available for free.

It’s these that we are giving you the chance as part of our Brawlhalla giveaway. We have 50 All-Legends keys that unlocks all of the characters currently in the game as well as any future additions. Unlocking the characters doesn’t give you an advantage over anyone else – it simply means you have more of a chance to find a character that suits your playstyle.

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