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One of 2024’s most wanted new roguelikes has just been delayed

Breachway, a space strategy game reminiscent of Slay the Spire, FTL, and Into the Breach, has pushed back its Early Access launch.

One of 2024's most anticipated new roguelikes has been delayed: A spaceship, from Breachway.

When Breachway first pinged on our galaxy-spanning radar, it grabbed our attention thanks to a promising blend of Slay the Spire style deckbuilding systems, Into the Breach inspired combat, and a spaceship building and management focus that draws on everything from FTL to No Man’s Sky and Starfield. Unfortunately, though the game was originally set to launch in Early Access later this month, it’s now going to be a little while longer before its creators at Edgeflow Studios are ready to initialize take-off.

The roguelike game, like FTL, is focused mostly on trying to survive a journey through a perilous vision of outer space in search of a strange Signal. Breachway presents this, though, through deckbuilding design where cards govern how player ships are built and perform in tactical combat.

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Getting all of this right is taking Edgeflow Studios a bit longer than expected. The studio has just announced that it’s decided to delay Breachway’s Early Access launch until July of this year after having originally planned for the game to come out on March 22.

In a press release, publisher Hooded Horse states that Edgeflow wants to use the extra time to add new features into the game and refine those already in place so as to ensure a strong debut in Early Access. Despite the delay, you can still check out Breachway’s demo on Steam right now to help tide you over.

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