Breakaway, Amazon’s mix of Overwatch and football, blows up the Earth in a new trailer


Are you ready for big words, special effects, and bright colours? Of course you are, you wouldn’t be on a videogames site if not. Right now, though, those big words and bright colours are getting more intense, because there’s a Breakway trailer above and it’s… well, all of those things.

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In case you’ve never heard of Breakaway before and want some more details on what exactly you can do in it: it’s a 4v4 take on American football, where two teams try to get a relic into the enemy team’s base. Dunk the relic, score a point.

Of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that – you’re not playing regular people, but warriors, angels, and more, using abilities to beat your enemy. Above all else, Breakaway is built to be an esport.

As the trailer above says, you can join in on the free alpha by signing up at the website, which you can find right here. Looks like you can sign up with a Twitch account and get started right away – servers are live Thursday 17:00 PST until Saturday 23:59 PST. Presumably, that’s every week, as the site doesn’t indicate otherwise.