Double Fine’s Broken Age documentary is now free for everyone to watch

Tim Schafer Double Fine Adventure documentary

Three years ago when the Kickstarter for Double Fine Adventure launched, backers were not just throwing money at Tim Schafer to make a brand new point-n-click game. Also part of the parcel was a multi-part documentary, created by Two-Player Productions. Backers have been able to see the highs, lows, and intricate details of game development as the years have gone by, discovering secrets that non-backers haven’t been privy to. 

Until now. Double Fine are removing the barriers on the documentary, and non-backers can now watch the series on YouTube for free. 

Three episodes are currently available, and they’re certainly worth a watch. Regardless of if you enjoyed Broken Age part 1 or not, the documentary is a great look at the world of design. Schafer and the Double Fine team are surprisingly frank in it, happy to share their disasters as well as their successes.

In many ways, the documentary is the real star of the project, and works pretty much as Indie Game: The Movie: Double Fine edition. If you get hooked by these episodes, you’ll be able to follow the story with new installments every Tuesday and Thursday.