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Bundle Stars’ Atomic Indie Bundle has Tropico, SpaceChem, and 8 other games for cheap


Any bundle that contains the phenomenally good SpaceChem deserves special attention. When that bundle also contains the first three Tropico games, too, well, you need to reach for your wallet. Bundlestar’s latest bundle comes with eight more games (though they aren’t in quite the same league as SpaceChem and Tropico) and you can grab them all for less than £4.

I won’t hear a word against SpaceChem, it’s a perfect puzzle game. The chemistry-themed puzzler never talks down to you and each new challenge ramps up in difficulty from the last but never too much as to have you quit the game. You’ll spend the first few minutes/hours/days looking at the puzzle, wordlessly mouthing expletives, and then it will all click into place and you feel like the greatest mind that ever strolled the Earth.

The Tropico series, a city building sim that puts you in charge of a banana republic, has a wry humour few games can match. Plus, mechanically it’s a sound game. If you were disappointed with SimCity’s release earlier this year then cleanse your palate with Tropico, the first three games are included in the Atomic bundle.

I’ve listed the rest of the games below because, unlike Tropico and SpaceChem, they’re only okay games. Dino D-Day, for instance, is a bit of a novelty, one which will probably grow dull before too long.

  • Section 8

  • The First Templar

  • Disciples III

  • Legendary

  • Dream Pinball 3D

  • Insecticide

  • Imperum: Romanum

  • Dino D-Day

Still, for £4, if you’ve not got the two brill games then this’d be a bundle worth picking up.