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Bus Simulator ’16 is a game that exists, obviously


Well honestly I’m not sure what I expected when I clicked through to a trailer about a game called Bus Simulator, but it’s definitely a bus simulation. Everything from normal every-day driving to reopening your doors for that one guy that’s running up late to, in a future update, drinking coffee at the depot – it has it all. Will it be any good? I have no idea.

We like simulation games as much as the next website, okay?

Is this good? Is this what people enjoy? Putting change into the machines and unjamming the doors? I see the entertaining problem solving there, I’m just not sure if the real-world setting inspires enough interest in me to care. Plotting routes around a traffic jam is aok, as is managing a burgeoning bus business, but there’s not exactly a tonne of flavour there. Dealing with arsehole bus commutors sounds a little too much like the average day on Twitter too.

The tickfeed of achievements in the bottom left provides insight into the sort of challenges you’ll need to be aware of – using your indicator lights at the right time, getting a decent number of passengers and, of course, staying on time. Surely, right, if it’s going to be an accurate simulation of public transport, I should get bonuses for being late and treating everyone like dicks?

Anyway, it’s out on the 20th of January next year. Will you be climbing aboard?