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Bushiden release date estimate, trailers, and story

Bushiden is a throwback to Metroidvania games of old, a 2D action-platformer that will have fans of Shinobi reach for their katana.

When is the Bushiden release date? Those of a certain age will take one look at the Bushiden trailer and instantly be taken back to a simpler time; playing Shinobi in your pants, eating cereal in between bouts with the seemingly endless waves of enemies, getting mildly frustrated with a platforming section. A better time, really.

Bushiden is a Metroidvania in the purest sense of the portmanteau – your agile avatar has to traverse through several levels of increasing complexity utilizing their newfound skills to venture deeper into the enemy’s lair. It’s a platforming game that looks to test your reflexes and environmental problem-solving, while also taking you on a wild adventure with a hint of revenge. Catnip to a certain section of the gamersphere, I’m sure you’ll agree. When is the Bushiden release date?

Bushiden release date: a half man half machine warrior weilds a sword,

Bushiden release date estimate

We expect that Bushiden will be released sometime in 2024, as the game’s Kickstarter page announces that beta keys will be delivered “soon”. There is currently no official release date for Bushiden, but we also know that it will be released onto Game Pass day one.

The last update on the Bushiden Kickstarter page is from January 2024. During this update, we got a rough estimate for the beta release, which “should be in the second half of February”. Pixel Art Studios will announce to backers when it can pin down a specific release date.

There was a sizable update on development last year, detailing the perils of using MonoGame Framework. While utilizing MonoGame Framework allows the developer to create a system from scratch, it has apparently created a bottleneck of work for Chris, the main coder.

Crafting Bushiden from the ground up does mean that any bugs or issues that arise can quickly be quashed, as the developer will know the code inside and out. Hopefully, this slight pause in proceedings will lead to a relatively problem-free launch.

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Bushiden story and trailer

You’re a warrior. You’re a warrior with a missing sister. And with the rumors that your mortal enemy, Goah, has been resurrected, there’s only one thing to do; strap on that blade and get to work. Rescuing your sister is surely the number one priority here, and it doesn’t matter how many enemies have to be cut in twain for you to achieve that.

As a part-man-part-machine whirlwind of destruction, you’ll fight your way to the main boss, upgrading yourself along the way, and taking down as many of their henchmen as humanly (cybernetic-ly?) possible.

That’s what we know about Bushiden right now, but rest assured we’ll update this guide as soon as we get more information. If you’re after something else to scratch that itch, check out the best action-adventure games here, or even the best PC games, if you just want to play an all-timer.