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If you want Manhunt 3, this brutal Steam horror is made for you

Manhunt 3 may never happen as Rockstar focuses on Grand Theft Auto 5, GTA 6, and Red Dead Redemption, but a new Steam horror is keeping the brutal spirit alive.

Manhunt 3: An enemy attacks in Steam horror game Butcher's Creek

Manhunt 3 feels almost impossible at this point. Though the brutal horror game series remains a true classic, Rockstar is pretty committed already with Grand Theft Auto 5, Red Dead Redemption (including a possible remake or remaster), and the upcoming GTA 6 release date. It feels a bit weird to reminisce about such a bleak, bloody game as Manhunt, but to this day, I haven’t experienced anything that rivals its sheer nastiness. That might be about to change however, as David Szymanski, developer of beloved throwback boomer shooter Dusk, unveils their new game Butcher’s Creek, a self-proclaimed combination of both Manhunt and Monolith’s Condemned Criminal Origins.

As an avowed fan of videogame nasties like Manhunt and Condemned, but also The Suffering, Hotline Miami, and the work of Puppet Combo, the Butcher’s Creek pitch is one of the most compelling I’ve read in years:

“A troubled loner with a hunger for cinematic gore finds himself on the other side of the camera when rumors of authentic snuff videotapes lead him to an abandoned cabin near Butcher’s Creek. Now his only option is to pick up a box cutter, a hammer, a pickaxe, or whatever else is at hand, and unleash a little video violence of his own.”

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A first-person horror game (there’s the Condemned connection), Butcher’s Creek’s visual style is evocative of VHS tapes, handheld cameras, and lo-fi abject art – hence Manhunt. We’re still waiting on the first true footage, but expect melee combat, squalid, seedy environments, and some extremely adult material.

“Photograph gruesome murder scenes to fulfill your dark pseudo-sexual desires and regain lost health,” Butcher’s Creek’s description continues. “Grab a blunt object and get to separating teeth from gums.” You can wishlist it on Steam here, if you dare.

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