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Buy this today: a multi-tool that puts the Swiss Army Knife to shame

This device has all the functionality of a Swiss Army Knife contained in one single tidy tool

Geekey multitook Buy This Today

How many tools can you cram into one small device? This seems to be the guiding question of the Geekey Multi-Tool. A Swiss Army Knife is what you probably first think of when I say ‘multi-tool’, but what Geekey has put together puts the boy scouts’ pocket arsenal to shame.

The Swiss Army Knife might be able to take on Geekey’s Multi-Tool in a simple comparison of the number of uses, but where it falls short is in its packaging. Where the former comes as a barrage of individual fold-outs, the latter combines all its tools into a single, alien-looking, pocket-sized device. Whether you need to open a bottle, unscrew your PC chassis’ side-panel, or cut open the packaging of your latest PC upgrade, Geekey’s Multi-Tool lets you do so with one tidy gadget.

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What is it?

This multi-tool is like no other. It manages to combine an absurd amount of utility into a single, small device. It also looks pretty amazing, too, like something an alien might use to unlock its front door.

It features a bike spoke key, smoking pipe, bottle opener, closed wrench, multi-fit driver, scoring tip, serrated edge, can opener, wire stripper, bit driver, file, wire bender, open wrench, measurement, multi-head fit, and a lanyard hole. This last one means you can attach this tool onto a keyring to keep it handy.

Why should you buy it?

There are so many features that it’s difficult to list all the reasons to buy it. Perhaps you find yourself needing a new bottle opener, or maybe a screwdriver to fix your new SSD into place, or maybe you bend wires in your free time – who knows? Really, though, the main reason to buy this product is because you never know which of these things you’ll need to do, or when. Having one compact device that can serve all these purposes means you never have to worry about having the right tool for most jobs again.

What options do you have?

You can always go for a Swiss Army Knife, but for our money the Geekey Multi-Tool is the better option, both because it looks cool, and because it’s much more convenient than having to unfold an awkward array of metal implements.