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Buy this today: easy to clean replacement covers for VR headsets

These VR headset replacement covers are not only super comfy, but it's also a breeze to keep them sparkling clean

HTC Vive Pro replaceable cover Buy This Today

I probably don’t need to tell you we’re approaching a new way of living, where hygiene and cleanliness is of paramount importance. This doesn’t just mean washing your hands and keeping coughs and sneezes covered, it also means keeping surfaces clean.

Of course, this means cleaning obvious high-contact zones like door handles, but there are other places where germs can lie that we might not immediately think about. The surface of a VR headset is one such place. These headsets spend most of their time right next to your nose and mouth, and may come in close contact with others who may want to use them for extended periods of time.

If the germs don’t concern you, maybe the sweat your friend left on the faceguard after a vigorous game of Beat Saber will. Nobody wants to pick up and put on their VR headset only to feel the damp reminder that the last person to use it wasn’t them. To make it easier to combat germs and sweat, VR Cover’s Foam Replacements will do the trick.

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What is it?

VR Cover offers replacement covers for VR headsets. The one we’re listing today is the VR Cover 16mm Foam Replacement for HTC Vive Pro, but there are many more available for other VR devices. They act as soft and durable replacement covers for VR headsets that are comfortable and easy to clean.

Why should you buy it?

You have one of the best VR headsets, and you want to keep it as clean and comfortable as possible. VR headsets are already a big investment, and the extra $30 for a replacement cover isn’t too large of an expense considering this.

Perhaps you know your headset will be used by others, and you want to keep it clean to prevent the spreading of germs or the uncomfortable experience of picking up a damp headset. Or maybe it’s only you that will be using it, but you want it to be easy to clean to lengthen its lifespan.

What options do you have?

We’re listing the VR Cover 16mm Foam Replacement for HTC Vive Pro but there are similar options for most headsets out there. The full range can be viewed here on Amazon, or here on VR Cover’s website. Whether you have an Oculus, a Vive, or another VR headset, there’s probably an option for you.