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Buy this today: keep your cables looking tidy with these velcro ties

These cable ties are the best way to ensure your gaming setup looks neat and tidy outside of your chassis

Velcro Cable Ties Buy This Today

Buy This Today seems to be going on a cable purge recently, and it’s about time! Wireless technology came about for a reason, which is that wires suck. Even if they don’t get in your way, they can be unsightly. That brand new mahogany desk and minimalist setup doesn’t seem quite so minimalist when a cable cluster’s clogging your foot space.

Take an enthusiast’s setup, for example. Two screens (or three!), a pair of speakers, and the PC itself means two DVI or DP cables for the screens, two power cables (also for the screens), an aux and power cable for the speakers, and a power cable for the tower. That’s seven cables total – and most of them aren’t chunky. If you leave them to their own devices these cables will sprawl across and under your desk and look quite the mess. Luckily, velcro cable ties exist for just such a scenario!

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What is it?

Cable ties aren’t just for inside your PC. Every ardent PC builder knows them as the staple of tidy cable management, but few extend this beyond PSU cables and into their general desk space, and this is a mistake. Tying your display and power cables together makes for one orderly setup, and velcro ties are your best bet for achieving this look. These are reusable and look great, unlike your usual twist tie, and they tend to hold the cables together a little better, too.

Why should you buy it?

You want your desk space to look neat, it’s as simple as that. It’s relatively inexpensive to buy a pack of 50 velcro cable ties, and this is more than enough to group your monitor, speaker, and PC cables together to make your whole setup look as clean and tidy as possible. Simply grouping any wires that move from the top of your desk to under it, where the chassis sits, and wrapping a velcro tie around it, is enough.

What options do you have?

There are plenty of options available on Amazon, but we’ve listed here some great value offerings. On Amazon’s US site you can get 50 velcro ties for $7.99, and on its UK site you can get 50 for £4.99 at 28% off.