Finally, actual ghosts: Invasion brings pirate poltergeists to Call of Duty: Ghosts from July 3

Call of Duty: Ghosts enters the mariachi for its Invasion DLC.

Last year, Call of Duty redefined ghosts to be miserable men in rorschach masks. Rubbish; at least that’s what our Call of Duty: Ghosts review thought. They’re paying their penance for that now – filling rural Mexico with player-controlled mariachi skeletons and covering the Invasion DLC’s new pirate ship map with ectoplasmic undead.

Departed is a new Day of the Dead-themed map set in a not-so-sleepy Mexican town. Completing its field order challenge will see players turn into a dual pistol-wielding Death Mariachi, whose conquests briefly raise from the earth to join them.

Munity is set in and above a bona fide pirate ship, replete with cabins and cannon fire. Field order completion there will grant you two ghostly escorts. They’re both somewhat translucent, but the damage they deal is very real.

Elsewhere there’s Pharoah, an Egyptian archaeological dig site featuring various levels of verticality, collapsing monuments, and some compellingly silly environmental traps; the return of Favela, remastered from Modern Warfare 2; and Episode 3 of Ghosts’ Extinction mode, Awakening.

Awakening takes place in the glowing, underground lair of the Ancestors, the psychic race set to provide answers raised over months of DLC.

And the whole thing costs £11.59/$14.99. Season passes are still available for £34.99/$49.99, and we’ve been told to expect one more DLC pack before the release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare in the Autumn.

Do you have any patience left for Call of Duty: Ghosts? It didn’t begin in an especially good place, unfortunately.